Join Our Club!

There are two requirements to join a Toastmasters club. The first is to fill out and return the membership application, which can be requested via email at The second requirement is the payment of dues and the new member fee. you can either pay online via Paypal or credit card or you can pay in person with a check made out to Downtown Toastmasters.

Breakdown of Membership Costs
New Membership fee of $20
This fee is for the basic materials, online access and subscription to Toastmasters magazine that all members receive.

Toastmasters International monthly dues of $6 per month
These dues are for your ongoing membership to the organization. Toastmasters submit dues twice a year for 6 month periods starting in April and October. These dues are prorated based on the month you join. Select the current month below if submitting dues via Paypal!

Club dues of $4.50 every 6 months
This is the only money that our club uses for its supplies and operating expenses, all other funds go to Toastmasters International. These dues are not prorated.

Click the link below for the month you're joining to pay:

 October or April
 November or May
 December or June
 January or July
 February or August
 March or September