Meetings Every
Monday Night
6:00PM to 7:30PM


MEETING AGENDA (View Document)

Every Toastmasters meeting follows an agenda whereby participants fulfill different roles within the meeting. At Downtown Toastmasters we have a general agenda that is flexible depending on the meeting attendance.  At the beginning of a session the presiding officer calls the meeting to order and introduces the Toastmaster. The Toastmaster will proceed to introduce participants and explain meeting roles. At the end of the meeting session a General Evaluator calls for reports from the T.W.A.G team and hands back the meeting to the Toastmaster for concluding the meeting.


The Toastmasters meeting is an organized set of roles taken by participants, which help improve public speaking and leadership skills. At Downtown Toastmasters, we offer a handy explanation before participants volunteer on which roles to take. Weekly e-mails are sent before each meeting to ask members to volunteer for meeting roles, and this helps participants to prepare for their roles in advance. You can also volunteer for a role at the beginning of a meeting, and we always encourage visitors to try out the lighter roles. 

Each role is different and exciting, for instance there is an Ah-Counter who takes count of all the crutch words (aaah, uhmmm, you know, like,...) whenever participants speak during the meeting! For more detail on roles that participants can take up in a meeting click on each role below: